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Santhana Gopala Krishna Homa  is performed for childless couples to get a beautiful  healthy child. Lord Krishna blesses the childless couple with progeny, and he will  protects the  new born children and gives immense knowledge by doing this homa. Mother also gets a safe and easy delivery with health. It also prevents from miscarriages.

God Krishna is worshipped in vishnu bhadraka yantra or chakrabja yantra with Tulsi leaf by chantig krishna ashtothara and vishnu sahasra nama. fruits and butter offerd sa a naivedyam. santana gopala moola mantra japa is done for santhana ghritha. For garbha raksha this ghritha (ghee) shuld be taken by mother after the homa daily. Payasa, (Milk porridge) Ashvatha samith, Ajya (ghee) are offered 1008 times in the homa by chanting santana gopala moola mantra. Purusha sooktha and garbha raksha mantras chanted during the homa. baby kishna Pratima (idol)givan as adana Kalasha phala ajya danas also givan.